Francois Merlet is a French Australian Film Director and Artist living in Melbourne for the last 35 years.


At 16 he attended Art School in Paris. He was discovered by a famous Illustrator Artist who introduced him to one of the most creative Advertising Agency in Paris, where he started his professional life as an Art Director and then became Creative Director in several top Advertising Agencies.


He started to direct his own tv commercial scripts as a Film Director and then co-wrote and directed his first feature film.


He fell in love with an Australian model working in Paris, travelled to Australia and also fell in love with the country too.


Francois became the flavour of the 80’s Australian TVC industry for his stylish direction and humour, becoming one of the top 10 commercial Film Directors.


In 1991 he was contracted by an International production company in Singapore for 4 years, shooting around Asia and the Pacific before coming back to Melbourne to open his own successful production company.


After several years of success, he was invited by a leading TV production company in India to become a freelance Film Director travelling there up to 6 months of the year for 13 years.

He went on to become an International award winning Film Director travelling around the globe during this time.


His journey in life has brought him to meet some extraordinaire people, professionally and personally, whom have enriched his life.  


Going way back he was deeply touched by artist Charles Gir, close friend of his grandfather in Paris, who had a profound influence which has carried his passion for art into the present.


Francois previous exhibition in 2016 was a sell out. 


His present situation has allowed him to devote more time and passion into his artworks.


Francois has evolved as an artist, in demand, doing commissions for corporate, private collectors, locally and Internationally.


He has finally settled in Melbourne enjoying his life as a full time artist.